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The World of Trainypooh
Copy pasted from his blog ~

“For cereal tho, this blog will incorporate many different aspects of my life; Examples of potential blog topics will include, but not limited to: fitness related stuffz, my body transformation (basically getting ripped and looking AWESOME naked), my adventures of being a graduate student, my journey into the real world as I apply for a big boy job, nerdy shit, my dating life (which is absent because apparently chicks dig dudes that shower on a regular basis) and any other random stuff that is on my mind at the time.

P.S. I was kidding about not taking showers. I’m clean and I smell good… ALWAYS”

 – Disneyland Guru –
Find out information about Disneyland / California Adventure /Downtown Disney in California by this awesome and wonderful girl! Disneyland Guru is a blog based on fun facts about Disneyland and ways to make your Disney trip more special! Facts, Fun, Trivia, and Magic. ♥ I have always been a huge fan of Disneyland Guru and she is a good friend of mine too! I have always wanted to go to Disneyland with this girl!

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