Mia Lourdes

Being Different


 Growing up, I always wanted to be that one popular kid. The one everyone goes too and the one everyone thinks is great, ya’know what I mean? I wanted to be that one amazing girl. I thought, to be that amazing person… I thought I had to be that size
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Life is what we deal with everyday. We go through complications, problems, achievements, possibilities, endless opportunities and options. We also go through different emotions through out our days. Why do we all feel these things? It’s life. We’re human. We were built to be this way.

Recently, I’ve been feeling bit on the down side. My mind was mumble-jumbled
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Let's get down to business! ♥

You know that great feeling you get after you worked out? Yeah, I’m feeling it. I’m definitely sweating and in pain. The good pain, of course.  I am also out of shape, so… sweated extra hard today! Now, as I said, I am in pain and I would also like to mention… I’m laying on my floor with my laptop. Life is good, eh?

I haven’t worked out in awhile, I
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Smiles, Laughter, and Happiness

wpid-2014-09-03-06.52.21.jpg.jpegWhat makes someone smile? There are endless reasons to making someone smile. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned what makes me smile? A soft sweet smile and a cheerful happy laughter from someone else gives me this feeling of being naturally high. When I see others happy, it makes me
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I'm a late bloomer.


Let’s set some things straight. My name is Mia Lourdes. I am a high school drop out and I was homeschooled. I have done almost everything you can think of schooling wise. Online schooling, a place where I go in twice a week, public school, private school, and catholic school.

I was bullied when I was younger and that effected me more later
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You are your own fashion statement.


My OOTD of the day and it got me thinking….

What is fashion?

These are a few definitions of the word fashion I found on Google.

What is fashion to me?

Being able to walk in a style that you will always rock in. It’s being able to be yourself. lt’s showing the whole world what and who you are. Each and
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