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Price: $29.99 USD (There is a monthly fee for FFXIV)

Comments: A very good friend of mine had an extra key laying around, so, he let me have it! Thank you, K-Money! ♥ I’ve been wanting to try out FFXIV Online! Super excited but heard it was a grindfest. It’s okay, I played another MMO what was a grindfest… but Guild Wars 2 seemed to spoil me. We’ll see! Super duper excited! I
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February 2014: Favorite App

Are you a fan of Tamagotchi? Ever wish you could just have it on your phone? Well, it’s here! Bandai finally has made an app for the earlier editions to tamagotchi! I’m here to show you my now favorite app of this month… Which is… Tamagotchi Angel! You can get this via iOS and Android! Woohoo! This app was just released on the 26th… so… Yesterday!

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Recent Purchases: Games!

 Super Duper excited to finally get some new games thanks to baby yum!

Original Price: $29.99 USD
Paid Only: $5.99 USD

 I have watched Baby Yum play the first Risen and I was really in the mood to play something like this. Luckily, it was 80% off at Humble Bundle. Suggest getting the game if you’re into the Risen franchise! ♥♥♥

These next two games
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#TBT – Arcadiia is too romantic. ♥

lovinthebestieI don’t care what anyone says but I love this woman with all my heart and soul! Haha! So romantic! Reenacting Romeo and Juliet. We were just hanging around Divinity’s Reach and found this little ledge. What would I do without her? ♥ Dani.