Mia Lourdes

Snack 'em: Chocolate Cravings

For the last few days… I have been craving chocolate so much. Not even sure why. Haha, my chocolate craving was so bad, I felt so miserable! I even asked one of my friends (who is currently studying to be a Therapist) why am I being like this? Why do I craving chocolate so much? I also asked my bestie Laurent, who showed me a link to a site. The site said, “Probably
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Mia Lourdes: Random Picture of the Day


I found this photo on my phone, haha.
This is one of my favorite ice creams in the world!
Ube Ice Cream. ♥
Ube = Purple Yam
Super delicious. ~

My favorite ice creams of all time?
Ube, French Vanilla, and Strawberry.

Cooking With Mia! – Pizza Bagels


Today, I made some pizza bagels for brunch!
I did not have any pizza sauce nor did I have any mozzarella.
I had to use mild cheddar and a mushroom & garlic montanara sauce.
Okay, so…. I thought “Montarara” said “Marinara.”
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Mail Time: From VyVy!

First off, I know I have not updated in FOREVER!
In all honesty, I have grown addicted to Guild Wars 2.

A package from my sweet VyVy!
I cried a bit because I really did not expect this.

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