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Getting healthy: Dietitian


Yesterday, I went to my Diabetes class. It’s my second class and I was able to meet a dietitian. They gave me a meal plan and I was surprised to what I saw. Lots of protein, bread, and fat choices. I do go for a walk everyday plus I started to exercise daily as well.

Side note.

I hate how people tell me, “you know what
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Cooking with Mia: Pasta Paradise


Why is it so hard to find recipes? Okay, finding a recipe is not that hard because you can pick through many! But that is what makes it complicated! Which one to cook! Haha!

So, last night I made pasta for my Baby Yum and I. It was simply delicious! Should I start posting the recipes on how to make these once a week? I totally should!

Chow Time with Mia!: Onigiri


I was making Baby Yum’s lunch for tomorrow and…. what did he want?


♥ I was able to make a tiny itty bitty one for Pooh Bear.

I’ll post sometime on how to make these easy, delicious, and super yummy snack/lunch/whatever-and-whenever-you-want-them!

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Taste time With Mia! – Michel's Baguette (Bakery Cafe)

Micheles (1)

My brand new obsession, Michel’s! When I stopped by a mall in Mississauga (Square One), I was a tad bit hungry. I have been eye-balling this place for quite some time. So, I asked Baby Yum if their food was good and he said, “Yes.” He also asked
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Dinner Time with Mia!


I made this the other night (and again tonight).
It is mashed potatoes with…
Garlic Cheesy – Bacon Wrapped Chicken.
Super delicious!

I’ll post up the recipe sometime.


Yogurtlicious Review

yayfrozenyogurt (3)
I have not been to this awesome place in ages!
It’s a hot summer day 100F (37c) degrees.

So why not go out to get some frozen yogurt?
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