Mia Lourdes

Current Favorite Disney Song: Do You Want To Build a Snowman

Okay, let’s all share our feelsys about this part of the movie. By the end of the song, everyone wanted to cry. The feels! But, I truly enjoy this song a lot. The first time I watched this movie was the day I was leaving Canada back to California. I was wanting to cry all day and bam, sad part of the movie, I end
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Ten Things to do at Disneyland for the week!

This list is no way in order but some of the things I want to do at the park! Every week, I’ll post ten things I want to do at the park… To add to my collection of things to do! Haha!


There’s a magic lamp in a store across from the Jungle Cruise. For $1 you can rub the lamp and hear some silly jokes! (Information taken from Disneyland Guru) Look for cat
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Disney Inspires Me

People normally ask me, “Why do you love Disney so much?”

Disney has always been that rock for me. It’s always been there for me, through thick and thin. It simply makes me happy. If you read my “about me” page… I wrote this down:

“Disney has always been a big impact  in my life. I truly believe that every girl is a princess. To me, a princess, is someone who is strong, brave, honest,
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Disney Tuesdays are back!

DisneytuesdaysIt’s back and I’m extremely excited to start posting on my favorite day ever! Today, I’ll share with you amazing cover songs, magical ideas, and just downright anything magical about Disney! Come fly away with me to neverland. Close your eyes and we’ll be at the park together! Get lost in imagination and creativity. ♥

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