Mia Lourdes

Newly Affiliated With: sheinside.com

Today I was accepted into the affiliate program by sheinside.com! Super excited to be partnered with them! Their current promotion is “ONE BRILLIANT CHOICE” with a 30% if you spend over 65USD or 38% off if you spend over 125USD!┬áBut seriously, check out this awesome website sheinside.com! So many latest trends, very fashionable picks, and most of all… the prices are decent.
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Too Casual OOTD


I’m not really going out anywhere today but to do some errands but we all know… Going out? Still got to look good. Don’t matter where, still got to look good. Well, casually good. I didn’t want to wear something too simple but at the same time, I didn’t want
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You are your own fashion statement.


My OOTD of the day and it got me thinking….

What is fashion?

These are a few definitions of the word fashion I found on Google.

What is fashion to me?

Being able to walk in a style that you will always rock in. It’s being able to be yourself. lt’s showing the whole world what and who you are. Each and
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One of my addictions: Magazines


I have a little shopping problem when it comes to magazines. I love reading all sorts of magazines. Since I’m into getting fit and being healthy, I got Fitness and Women’s Health. I’m still a fashionista at heart so… Glamour and InStyle.

Old Favorite Magazine: Teen Vogue
(Mia Lourdes Fact: I used to collect coke reward points to save up for yearly subscriptions to Teen
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Recent Purchases

newmenewyounewusBeing back in California, decided it’s time for new pair of glasses and sunglasses.

Glasses: Juicy Coutre
Sunglasses: Kate Spade: New York

The cases are extremely adorable! Both have my current eye sights. So, woohoo! I’ll be able to see with my new shades!