Mia Lourdes

I'm addicted to Disney! ♥

wpid-2015-02-15-04.53.04-1.jpg.jpegI know! I should have put “I am a….” but…. lazy! Haha.

I have been in a… Disney mood lately? Okay, when am I not in a Disney mood?
I might show you all my Disney Side soon… again!

♥ Get ready for the Disney love!


Newly Affiliated With: sheinside.com

Today I was accepted into the affiliate program by sheinside.com! Super excited to be partnered with them! Their current promotion is “ONE BRILLIANT CHOICE” with a 30% if you spend over 65USD or 38% off if you spend over 125USD! But seriously, check out this awesome website sheinside.com! So many latest trends, very fashionable picks, and most of all… the prices are decent.
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Almost 2015. ~


In just a few more hours, it’ll be 2015.
I’m looking back on 2014 and I had a good year.
I accomplished a lot this year, thanks to the people around me.
I lost friends but I also gained more friends than I lost.
I went a little
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Being Different


 Growing up, I always wanted to be that one popular kid. The one everyone goes too and the one everyone thinks is great, ya’know what I mean? I wanted to be that one amazing girl. I thought, to be that amazing person… I thought I had to be that size
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Life is what we deal with everyday. We go through complications, problems, achievements, possibilities, endless opportunities and options. We also go through different emotions through out our days. Why do we all feel these things? It’s life. We’re human. We were built to be this way.

Recently, I’ve been feeling bit on the down side. My mind was mumble-jumbled
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Let's get down to business! ♥

You know that great feeling you get after you worked out? Yeah, I’m feeling it. I’m definitely sweating and in pain. The good pain, of course.  I am also out of shape, so… sweated extra hard today! Now, as I said, I am in pain and I would also like to mention… I’m laying on my floor with my laptop. Life is good, eh?

I haven’t worked out in awhile, I
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Shotgun by Maribelle Anes (Prod. By Aybsent Mynded)

Totally feeling this song this morning. I’ve always been a huge fan of Maribelle Anes and this is hot.
She’s apparently dropping out some new music soon (news from her Facebook Page).
Can’t wait to hear it.

Bang Bang ~ Shotgun.