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“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

I’m Mia Lourdes and I am a blogger. I write for those who enjoy a happy lifestyle, optimism, happiness, and those who want to stay motivated. I hope to help these people achieve the greater things in their life. Of course, I mean happiness. Accepting who you are no matter what shape or size.

mialourdes.com used to be a blog about all the new nifty cool things I got over the years, but I decided to turn this whole blog around. I want this blog to be inspiring, motivational and a place where people can come relate to everyday problems. Why the sudden turning point? I have realized over the past five years; I have lost myself. I want to be able to progress with my blog, as I get my life back on track. One of my dreams is to do something inspiring for others;  Why not start off small by posting on a weekly basis? My blog is a small personal space intended to help others around me.

I believe that everyone has a purpose in life. I’m always encouraging people to go for what they believe in, what they want, and what they always dreamed of. You will never know the outcome unless you try. I hope to accomplish more through my blogging.


A little about myself
Mia Lourdes is actually apart of my real name but it’s also just my nickname/alias online. I am currently twenty-five years old and I am a Filipino American. I am originally from Georgia but I moved to California at a young age with my mother. When you see me online, I’m mostly playing either video games, surfing through social media, watching youtube videos, or just chatting/talking with friends. I try to go to at least a few anime conventions a year to get cute merchandise and to check out the awesome cosplays. Disneyland is definitively my second home (I go at least once a month). Smiles and laughter are my natural high and the happiness of others is my drug.


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