Mia Lourdes

“And the relationships that happen become so intense, deep, involved and complex and really hard to say goodbye to. The hardest part of the show is saying goodbye when it’s all done. It really breaks you. ”
– Genevieve Gorder

Saying goodbye is hard, tough, and sometimes complicated.
How can someone say goodbye to a person who has been in their life forever and a day?
How can someone just let a person go?

We live in world where we make our own decisions.
Occasionally making those decisions can harm another person’s well being.
But how does it affect the person saying goodbye?

Of course, we are not just saying goodbye to just anyone. We are saying goodbye to the person who we’ve called our best friend. The person we stayed up all night talking about sweet nothings with. The same person who would go on random adventures to any place we desired. Someone who brought so much laughter into our lives that we eventually cried with so much happiness. We know that letting go of a person we called our other half is not just a simple “Goodbye.” We are not just breaking the person we say goodbye too, but the person saying goodbye too.

But why make the decision to say goodbye to a person who sounds so amazing?

Feelings change. People change. People don’t change. Feelings are no longer mutual. Realizations. Complications. Anger. Hatred. Depression. Anxiety. Destructive. Toxic. Unhappiness. Heartache. Problems with life. Problems in general. Lashing out for no reason.

Sadly, there are too many reasons to why we need to say goodbye in the end.
No matter how hard we try to make things work and overlook the situation in front of us.
We will always have to make a decision.

Making the decision to end everything will be hard, but we all do it for a reason. There is always a reason to why we say “goodbye.” I know that I had to say goodbye multiple times to people I cared about. However, I am not talking about just the people I dated, but people who were good friends to me. Honestly, saying goodbye to them has to be most hardest decision I have ever made. The funny part? I know people who have said goodbye to me too. It hurts. But hey, we end up picking ourselves up and moving on. It’s life, after all. We either live it up or give up. The only advice? We just have to keep on moving.

Friendly reminder: Saying goodbye is neither a right or wrong thing to do.

Suggestions for both ends:
Join a new group or club
Hang out with friends
Associate yourself with people
Be around those who will cheer you on through this