Mia Lourdes

So, yeah.
The original title to this post was going to be, “Things not to do in front of your crush.” I thought about it and was like, “yeah, no.” No joke, and I don’t lie. I recently have been crushing on someone. It’s perfectly naturally. It happens. It either disappears or develops. Everyone knows the drill. But hey, one thing you should NOT do is be completely obvious. Unless you’re the type of person who is an open book. Sadly, ya girl, Mia, here, is completely readable. This experience has left me absolutely embarrassed and flustered. So, that’s why I decided to post about it!

We all go through that cycle of having a crush on someone and aren’t sure what to do with it. That was and is my problem. I am an extremely curious person. I need to know but I’m not sure how to deal with it. I’m totally the type of person who can’t their hide feelings. So, I become more and more curious. I end up asking really dumb questions. I end up throwing things out there what made it obvious. Yeah… Yay me, right?

I really wanted to talk about, is it okay to have a crush? Is it not okay? What happen if the feelings develop? Do you do something about it? Do you question it? Are you upfront about it with your crush? What on earth does one person do about having a crush on someone?  What the hell do you do? Like, geez! Can I go back to when I was a child and every boy had cooties? Nope! It really isn’t that simple. But when you look at the plus side, crushes are cute. The thing about crushing on someone is that we honestly will never know what will happen in the end. It’s like magic.

One lesson, if you have a crush on someone. Do what is best for you. I mentioned in earlier post, that you should take advice from others with pinch of salt. I know we all ask our friends about how to deal with a crush. Trust me, I’ve been there. But, you have to remember. When you ask someone for advice, you never know if it’s benefiting them or yourself. Question it. Just do what you want to do. If you really want to know, just ask. Go for it. There is that one downside where that connection just fades away and a chance of losing a good friend. But, hey. You never know.

So, what are your thoughts? Should you just go for it or let it slide?

My thoughts?
I’m still dumbfounded.
Come back later when I’m not embarrassed.

Talk to you later, my lovelies!