Mia Lourdes

I normally go to bed around eight to nine at night on a daily basis but there are days where I stay up really late. I end up sitting here thinking about life. Where am I going? What am I doing? What are some of the new dreams I will have tomorrow? What will I achieve tomorrow? I ask myself so many questions late at night. My mind normally wonders off into a place where I want to be or where I don’t want to be. It all depends how I feel. I know that I want to avoid thinking about negativity. So, of course, I will always try to find a way to think about something positive. How can one stay out of negative thoughts during a late night thinking session?

I don’t really have a few tips on this but these are some of the things I do to keep myself away from the nastiness.

♥ Listen to a song what makes you feel good
♥ Write down a list of exciting things to do tomorrow
♥ Talk to a friend who also shares the same positive thinking
♥ Watch a funny TV  show/Movie on Netflix
♥ Search online for inspirational quotes
♥ Learn something you never knew about
♥ Make up a story about an item in the room
♥ Most importantly just smile or laugh

If you, my darlings, have any other ways of staying away from the nastiness we call “negativity” feel free to share!
Good night, love bugs.