Mia Lourdes

Hi, I’m Mia Lourdes.

I am just like anyone else but just like anyone else, I have my ups and downs in life. We all go through the same perpetual life cycle trying to find ourselves. This what I am currently doing right now because I’m ambivalent of the paths I desire.

One of the many things I live for is the answer to absolute happiness for all, including myself. I rely on optimism and deny any negativity approaching my way. Basically, I don’t need shit that will make me upset for no apparent reason. I know in all likelihood I am weak, I cannot handle negativity; but is it truly so bad to deny this negativity heading my way? No, it makes me stay out of an unexpected series of events. Okay, I fancied that up. I meant, “drama.” When you get older, you know the people who to keep and who to toss away. Even though we sometimes do end up being the ones thrown away; we shouldn’t let it prohibit us from continuing on with our lives.

I was one of those girls who used to look back and let the hurt take its toll. I let the thought of being thrown away hold me back. I learned that you shouldn’t let it run at the back of your mind. You shouldn’t let this feeling do anything because if you let it; you will be upset for a little while. We are all human beings who wish for something better in life. We will do what we have to do to continue a happy lifestyle. We live for a better tomorrow and for a brighter future.

How would one start their own happiness?
Loving yourself unconditionally.

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”
Song of Songs 4:7