Mia Lourdes

You know that great feeling you get after you worked out? Yeah, I’m feeling it. I’m definitely sweating and in pain. The good pain, of course.  I am also out of shape, so… sweated extra hard today! Now, as I said, I am in pain and I would also like to mention… I’m laying on my floor with my laptop. Life is good, eh?

I haven’t worked out in awhile, I only started up again this week. Why? I want to be able to be in shape and my inner girly girl wants new clothing. Derp. Right now, I’m not feeling myself. Ya’know? Right now, I feel BLAH. I feel like I can do better, I can be a better, healthier, and be a more fit person. I am the type of girl who is normally like, yeah, be comfortable in your own skin. You’re just too damn beautiful the way you are, you ain’t even gotta change. I ain’t even mad if some guy be tellin’ me shiiit, shoot. I’m normally like that but lately, nuh, bruh. I ain’t feelin’ it. I want to transform and I hope ya’ll come along with me. I even got the “BEFORE” picture ready for everyone to see.

I’m currently around 155 pounds. Ideal/Goal weight? 125-130, baby.
Let’s do this shit.

My current motivations are:
Lauren Tolentino
Monica Lin
Gina Darling
Liane V

But… besides these lovely ladies…. I have two motivators. I’ve been talking/asking for advice from two of my favorite people of all time… Wayne and my Oppa (Trainypooh). Wayne has always been my homie and always managed to help me through the tough stages in life. Wayne has always been motivating me to be a better me. Oppa, on the other hand. I just met him a few months back and boy, he’s an inspiration to me to work out. Like, seriously. You can check him out on his blog: click here. He just recently posted his first blog entry not too long ago and he’ll be posting about

A little preview of my absolute favorite Oppa:

But yeah… Check him out~
Trainypooh’s WordPress

Anyways, back to me.

What kind of work out have I been doing? Pilates, baby. Well, to be more accurate.. Blogilates. Blogilates is made by Ms. Cassey Ho. She is phenomenal. I love watching all her blogilates video because she talks to the viewers and honestly, isn’t boring to watch. She makes each and every video fun. Painfully fun, of course. Since, I’m out of shape… I’m doing her Beginners Calender again. I find that the calenders are a fun, creative, interactive way to stay in shape/get fit. Everyday, you check down what you did and once you did them all, sign it. I feel like this helps me out more than anyone will ever know. I just like little fun things like this, I guess! Haha.

TL;DR : I want to lose weight. I want to feel sexier. I want to be FREEEE?!!?!?! Shit, who knows. ♥