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What’s so good about a corn dog at Disneyland?  ♥


I have lived in Southern California for more than ten years YET I never thought about eating a corn dog at Disneyland. Who would just go to Disneyland and out of all the foods there… just get a corn dog, right? It’s like a typical type of food you can buy anywhere. Nothing too important so… I never thought of actually getting one of these bad boys at Disneyland till recently. Oh boy, let me tell you. It was SOOOOOO worth it. Like, unbelievably worth it to the point where I can’t eat any other corn dog but this one. My mother brought home a corn dog from work and…. it was just… not doing it. I needed that corn dog from Disneyland.

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I have heard about all the craze with the Disneyland corn dogs. How delicious it was, how good and just damn right, YOU SHOULD GET IT. I always see a fellow blogger / good friend of mine always recommending these corn dogs too (What up, Disneyland Guru. ♥ Love you, Bae.)

Let me tell you something.
This baby is huge.
Yeah, Yeah.
“That’s what she said!”

But, it is! HUGE!

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All in all.
Yes, you must try the corn dog sometime at Disneyland.
It has to be one of the best corn dogs I have ever had in my life.

You can find the Little Red Wagon on Main Street.