Mia Lourdes

Micheles (1)

My brand new obsession, Michel’s! When I stopped by a mall in Mississauga (Square One), I was a tad bit hungry. I have been eye-balling this place for quite some time. So, I asked Baby Yum if their food was good and he said, “Yes.” He also asked if I was hungry. Haha.

Oh gosh, just look at this photo of the bag is making me hungry.



I got a ham and cheese croissant. It was very delicious! Perfect too! So perfect, that I ended up buying two more and bringing it home with me.

Micheles (2)I wasn’t kidding, eh?

I ended up heating the croissants in my mini toaster oven! I kind of burnt it, as you can tell! Haha! Deliciousness all the way. Every time I see this place, I will get a little somethin’ somethin’. I really want to try their Spinach & Feta Croissant. It looked so yummy! They had so many good things on the menu. It was totes affordable too. With the things I bought from this place. A HUUUUUGE pizza slice, three croissants, and Nestea on the side… We only spent around $10 CAD. I forgot to mention, it was buy one get one free too! AHHH! Even better! I swear though, the Nestea was the most expensive thing we got too!  Oh! The people working there were pretty friendly.  ♥♥♥

Totally recommend this place if you’re residing/visiting in Canada!

You can find locations on their website via:
Michel’s Bakery Cafe Website