Mia Lourdes

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I have not been to this awesome place in ages!
It’s a hot summer day 100F (37c) degrees.

So why not go out to get some frozen yogurt?
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Yogurtlicious is a self serving yogurt shop. I can tell you now, that it is absolutely affordable. Many different flavors to pick from and they change the flavors often too! Oh, they also have lots of different toppings! You can find this place in Loma Linda. I’ll give out more information below!

So, Mia.. What did you pick out?
I started off with getting a 16oz cup, of course! (They had bigger sized cups too!)

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The flavors I picked were French Vanilla (No-Fat) and Red Velvet Cake (Low-Fat).
Toppings are: Bits of cheesecake, gummy bears, mini reeses pieces, strawberries, carmel, and white chocolate.

How much for this fattening goodness?
$6.30 USD

Cheap, right?

Here! Another angle!
yayfrozenyogurt (2)As my best friend Angiebengie would say, “Heart attack in a cup!”

Damn straight!

The customer service was fantastic! Very kind and lots of smiles! Also, when the guy saw that some of the toppings were running out, he quickly replaced it. Now, the one thing I didn’t really like is when people started staring at me. I felt uncomfortable till I smiled at them and they smiled back. I was quite uneasy about my mother picking something but there was actually flavors what had no fat, no something else which I can’t remember. So, it was great! I loved how my mother was just standing there picking out what she wanted. It was like seeing a kid in the candy store! Cute! Anyways! In total, we only spent less than 10 dollars. Around 9.50 USD. Oh, with the size of the cups you get, it was fantastic. Cheaper than the usual place I go to get Ice Cream.

Where can you find Yogurtlicious?
25805 Barton Rd,
Loma Linda, CA 92354

♥ Ratings ♥
Shop Rating: 5/5
Frozen Yogurt: 10/5
Service: 5/5

I will definitely be coming back!